Super Series


Super Series Rules

  • You must be an annual USLRA member to be eligible for Super Series awards.
  • You must attend a minimum of 5 tournaments in order to be eligible for prizes.
  • Semi-Pro will be it’s own division, and will only be awarded if there are 5 or more qualified tournaments.
  • One more than half of the total number of eligible tournaments in a season will count towards your Superseries total. Ex.: If there are 15 tournaments, your top 8 finishes will count.
  • At the end of the season, the top 3 in each division will win special awards.


You will receive one point for every Superseries Tournament you participate in as well as the following points based on how you place at each tournament:

  • 1st Place=8 points
  • 2nd Place=7 points
  • 3rd Place=6 points
  • 4th Place=5 points
  • 5th Place=4 points
  • 6th Place=4 points
  • 7th Place=2 points
  • 8th Place=2 points


At the end of the Super Series, awards will be given out in each division. We look forward to another exciting year!