Starting a Program


Why Log Rolling?

Not only does the unique sport of log rolling preserve the rich history of lumberjack sports in North America, this sport is simply the most fun any age level can have in the water!  The continuous reward system of staying on the log longer and longer with every practice leads to a wonderful feeling of self- satisfaction for any new student.  The sport of log rolling promotes balance, leg and core strength, cardiovascular endurance and overall functional coordination.  As shown below, starting a program is quite simple, and the USLRA has many resources to help grow your program and encourage your students to compete! 

 Click here to view a letter of program recommendation from the Madison, Wisconsin West YMCA 

Charitable Fund

Unsure if a log rolling program will be successful in your area?  The USLRA Charitable fund enables a program to obtain a log free of charge (other than shipping).  As the program is launched, the fund will be repaid over a set period of time.  If the program does not succeed, the log can be returned with no penalty to the facility.

Click here to fill out the USLRA Charitable Fund Application 

Obtaining Log Rolling Logs

Logs can be ordered through various sources. As of now the three popular sources creating high quality log rolling logs are Lumberjack Enterprises of Stillwater, Minnesota, JR Salzman of Hayward, Wisconsin, and Key Log Rolling of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Logs can be made to your specifications and shipped. 


Lumberjack Enterprises:
More information at:
Contact: Jamie Fischer

JR Salzman:
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Key Log Rolling:
More information at:
Contact: Abby Hoeschler

Log Rolling Classes / Instructor Training

Email us at today to receive a FREE Log Rolling 101 E-Book with details about program safety, class structure, games, and competing.

KRICK, LLC offers a Log Rolling Instructor Training DVD and a Log Rolling Instructor Training manual. If you are interested in receiving information about instructor training please e-mail

Visit our YouTube Page to view dozens of instructional videos to help with your programs and training.

Stay in Touch!

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Thank you and good luck!